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2018-2019 - WIFIX: Creating an intelligent WiFi Ecosystem. FON S.L.

2017-2020 - SGR: Support for Research Groups by Catalan Government. Catalan Agency for Universities.

2017-2019 - Towards deterministic channel access in high-density WLANs. CISCO University Program / Silicon Valley Foundation.

2017-2018 - Inter-HARE: Interoperability between <1GHz LPWANs and 2.4 GHZ LPLANs. 3rd party sub-project of the H2020 Inter-IOT project.

2016-2018- Wireless Networking through Learning: Searching for Optimality in Highly-dynamic and Decentralized Scenarios. Execelencia Maria de Maeztu MdM DTIC/UPF (link).

2014-2017- ENTOMATIC: WSNs for agriculture (olive-fruit tracking in the field). European Commission, FP7 (link)